Sunday, October 15, 2017

Open Art at Corbin Art Center

               ACT2 Open Art Multimedia

Whatever your art medium the emphasis is on exploring your own style. Develop and expand your skills with instruction and demonstrations in composition, color, and design. Learn to work with nontraditional art materials, create layer and depth, explore texture mediums, and push your artistic boundaries. Bring a photo for inspiration or a project to work on. All levels welcome. 

Tuesdays at the Corbin Art Center

#5183 Oct. 31 - Dec. 5 9am -12pm $55

To Register Call: 509-279-6030 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Free Act2 Acrylic Art Workshop & Demo Oct. 17

Join me for a FREE workshop & supply demo 
at the Corbin Art Center

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017

  • How to buy paint & decode the symbols on your acrylic paint tubes.
  • The uses of gel, matte, & fluid mediums.
  • Gesso & varnish. What are they for?
  • Learn a few basic acrylic techniques: blending, glazing & dry brushing.
  • Plus a palette knife painting demo!

Learn more about ACT2 & the classes offered at:

Bring your supplies & questions!

The Corbin Art Center is located on lower South Hill. 507 W. 7th Ave. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Art on the Ave

Hello, Spokane. Where should you be on Saturday Sept. 30? At Art on the Ave of course. Over 70 Artist. A dozen musicians. A kid zone with face painting, arts & craft booths, tasty food, and more! Don't miss it. This is my 3rd Art on the Ave, but its seventh year running, and it gets bigger and better every year. 
Come down to East Sprague between Madelia and Napa from 12 - 6pm (music goes until 9pm or later) and join me and other fabulous local artists, musicians, and food venders SATURDAY Sept. 30!

I'll have many new acrylic and mixed media pieces on display, as well as a few watercolors paintings. Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Corbin Art Classes start in October!

Mixed Media Mania
Loosen up, laugh, and create in this fun “anything goes” art class. You will learn new ways to layer and distress paper, transfer images, create texture, collage, and use found objects in your art. Experiment with gel mediums, molding paste, and more. Let’s get creative!$59

#38157  9am - 1pm
Meets every other Sunday for four weeks starting Oct.8 and ending Nov. 19.

Art Journaling: Where Art Meets the Page
Begin this course by creating your own art journal and add a new page each week using a combination of the following mediums pen & ink, acrylic paint, collage, watercolors, and image transfers. Writing prompts and new art techniques will help you dig deep into your creative soul. $69

#38160  10/12 - 11/16
Thursdays 6 - 8:30pm

To sign up go HERE and click on the Corbin Art Center programs button and look under "
Corbin Painting Classes and Workshops". 
Or call: 509-625-6677

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Act2 Classes Starting Soon!

 ACT2 Fall 2017 Art Classes

Acrylic Painting
Learn and practice basic acrylic techniques like scumbling, glazing, dry brushing and palette knife painting. Get a handle on mixing colors, experiment with altering the texture and consistency of your paint, and explore various acrylic mediums and their uses. Bring your own project to work on or join me in a step-by-step.$55

Thursdays, 9am-12pm
#5188      9/21 - 10/19 
#5189      11/2 - 12/7 (will not meet 11/23)
Spokane Valley Senior Center, Room 155

Open Art Multimedia  
Whatever your art medium, the emphasis is on exploring your own style. Develop and expand your skills with instruction and demonstrations in composition, color, and design. Learn to work with nontraditional art materials, create layer and depth, explore texture mediums, and push your artistic boundaries. In addition to your art materials, bring something you are working on or an image for inspiration. All levels welcome. $55

Tuesdays 9am - 12pm
Corbin Art Center, 507 W. 7th Ave.
#5182   9/19 - 10/17
#5183   10/31 - 12/5 (will not meet 11/21)

Wednesdays 9am - 12pm
Spokane Valley Senior Center, Room 155
#5190   9/20 - 10/18
#5192   11/1 - 12/6 (will not meet 11/22)

Perspective Painting
Creating the illusion of depth on a flat surface isn't a magic trick. Regardless of whether you work with acrylics, oils, or watercolors you can learn to paint depth accuratley using simple tools and classic techniques. Gain a clear understanding of linear and aerial perspective and improve your artwork dramatically. $33

Tuesdays 2 - 4pm 
Rockwood South Hill, Art Room
#5601   10/3 - 10/24

To sign up for one of my Act2 classes or workshops please call: (509) 279-6030
Or for more information go to:

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Art for Kids: Tissue Paper Birch Trees

Supplies: Tissue paper cut into squares, tagboard or watercolor paper, and black watercolor paint.

1. Students first drew a line that would be where the sky met the snow.
2. Next, they glued down the squares of tissue paper, filling in the sky with warm or cool colors. I had students brush on the glue, putting glue underneath and overtop each tissue paper square.
3. While the tissue paper dried, students cut out strips of white paper that would become the trees, cut them in different lengths, and painted the black lines on the the trees.
4. As soon as the trees were dry, they glued them in place. Making sure each tree came all the way to the top of the paper.
5. Using black watercolor paint, students added the shadows, and some added details of dry grass poking up through the snow.

Overall, this was a very easy and successful project.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Art for Kids: Monet Lily Pad Pond

Supplies: tag board, acrylic or tempera paint, white tissue paper in large pieces, and pink tissue paper cut into small squares.

1. After taking a look at Claude Monet's many lily pond paintings, students covered an entire piece of large tagboard with white tissue paper. This step was to give the pond water some texture, but if you wish to skip a step, this is the one. Students spread down glue with brushes, and then crumpled and pressed the tissue paper into place.

2. After the tissue paper dried, students flipped their ponds upside down, and I had them draw a "pond" shape on the backside. Then, I came around and corrected each pond before they could begin cutting, as some had the tendency to make them much too small.

3. Before we began painting, I asked them to pick a time of day for their pond (We took a second look at Monet's Paintings, and I had them guess what time of day it was in the picture. Remember the impressions are all about light). We began to paint the water with swirls and dabs just as the impressionists might, while being careful not to blend the colors too much.

3. While the ponds dried, we scraped and dabbed paint over paper that would later become our lily pads. You can also use coffee filters for lily pads as well.

4. Once the paper was dry, we used plastic lids and other round shapes to trace out the lilies. We cut them out and added a slit into the middle. 

5.  Next, we glued our lily pads onto the ponds.
6. We used several shades of pink as well as white to make our lilies. I cut them into squares prior to class, and showed the students how to add a small dab of glue between each tissue square, twist the end, crumple, and stick onto the lily pad.

Overall, I was extremely please with this project. I've done many variations of this over the years, but this was the first time I tried cutting out the shape of a pond, and it made all the difference!