Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Art for Kids: Mixed Media Guitars

Supplies: tag board, glue, tempera paint, black construction paper, string, CDs, paint pens

Before starting this project, I also printed off a sheet with different guitar shapes, and we learned the parts of guitars.
1) Each child chose a guitar shape, and was given a large piece of tag board. We briefly discussed the meaning of symmetrical and asymmetrical, before we began sketching out the shape of the guitar’s body. First, we folded the paper in half, and those who chose an symmetrical design drew just one half of their guitar (from the center fold). Those who chose an asymmetrical design, used the center line as a guide and rulers for the sharp points.

2) I checked each students design, and made corrections before they were allowed to cut them out. Then, I handed out another half sheet of tag board that would later be used to cut the neck of the guitar as well as other parts.

3) We used tempera paint to paint the guitars, and I let them do any design and colors they liked. I asked that they paint both the body and the half sheet, so that both would be dry by our next class.    


4) I gave each student a CD and we used paint markers to draw a patterns on the CD. These CDs represent the sound hole, but any other round object could be used including a circle of black construction paper for a more realistic look.

5) We did this project in two, one hour sessions. So the next time we met for class, the guitars were dry and ready to be pasted together. We folded the painted half sheet in half again, and cut along the middle line to create the neck of the guitar.

6) We glued the neck onto the body, and put the CD (sound hole) in the middle, covering the spot where the neck ended.

7) I handed out black paper, and we cut narrow black rectangles to make the frets.


8) They used their remaining painted paper to cut out a head stock (we looked at several different designs), as well as the tuning machines and the bridge.

9) Once all the parts were glued together, I brought the paints back out (including some glitter glue) and let them add any final designs, details, or patterns.

10) We strung our guitars by sandwiching three strings between two pieces of paper. We kept the guitars as they are, but they would also look great pasted on a background.


Often I wait to share a project until it’s my second or third time through (just to get all the problems out of the way), but the pictures here are from the first go and with my youngest group of kids (1st and 2nd graders). This project turned out even better than I imagined and the 3rd and 4th graders took to a whole new level!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Negative Painting at Corbin Art Center

Mixed Media: Negative Painting
Class Begins Feb. 1
Inspired by the artwork of Sue Davis and Judy Paul, this class applies the techniques of negative painting to mixed media. Create a layered paint and collage background, then using patterns and easily identifiable images, paint the space around the image rather than the image itself for a gorgeous and dramatic effect. #38544
Thursday nights, 6 - 8:30pm 
Feb.1 - 15 (3 weeks)


In all the paintings shown a background was created using  collage. In the top example, I also dripped paint, stenciled  and stamped with bubble wrap. On the above left, I printed with leaves as well as did a few image transfers. The above right is mostly splattered paint. With all three I painted the space around the objects, last. The blue sky around the tree, the white around the trees & moon in the other two. 
For a closer look, view bottom example.

To sign up go HERE and click on the Corbin Art Center programs button and look under
"Corbin Painting Classes and Workshops". 
Or call: 509-625-6677

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Open Art at Corbin Art Center and Spokane Valley Senior Center

Winter 2018! Open Art.

One of my favorite classes to teach is Open Art an ACT2 class. For the last three years I have been teaching this class through the Spokane Valley Senior Center, and this year we are offering at the Corbin Art Center as well!

Open Art Multimedia  
Whatever your art medium, the emphasis is on exploring your own style. Develop and expand your skills with instruction and demonstrations in composition, color, and design. Learn to work with nontraditional art materials, create layer and depth, explore texture mediums, and push your artistic boundaries. In addition to your art materials, bring something you are working on or an image for inspiration. All levels welcome. 

Tuesdays 9am - 12pm
Corbin Art Center, 507 W. 7th Ave.

#5288   Jan.16 - Feb. 13 (5 weeks) $55   
#5289   Feb.20 - March 27  (6 weeks) $62

Wednesdays 9am - 12pm
Spokane Valley Senior Center, Room 155

#5290   Jan.17 - Feb. 14 (5 weeks) $55
#5291   Feb. 21 - March 28 (6 weeks) $62

Friday, December 1, 2017

Art up at the Women's Club

I've dropped off several pieces of art at Artemisia as well as some ornaments. If your looking for a place to purchase Christmas gifts, this shop has everything!

 Artemisia - Lifestyle Gallery and Boutique 
1428 W. 9th Ave.
10:30 - 6pm  Mon. - Friday
10:30 - 4pm Saturday 
Closed Sunday  

Follow Artemisia on Facebook.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Christmas Critters Workshop at Corbin Art

Join me for a day of mixed media holiday fun! Learn the basics of mixed media by working with paper, paint, stencils, and texture mediums. Create a snow bear, owl, bunny or other Christmas critter using simple painting and collage techniques. These make wonderful gifts. #38166

All supplies included in the cost of the class. $45
Bring a lunch or something to snack on!

Sunday, Dec. 3 from 10am to 3pm 

To sign up for this Corbin Art class register through Spokane Parks at:
Click on the class registration button, then Corbin Art Classes, and find it under “Corbin Painting Classes & Workshops.”

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Woman's Club 4th Annual Artisan's & Crafter's Show

I'll be there and so should you! Support the Spokane Women's Club while checking names off your Christmas list. Take a look at my art and chat with me about upcoming classes. Here's a peek preview of my Christmas goodies: 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Open Art at Corbin Art Center

               ACT2 Open Art Multimedia

Whatever your art medium the emphasis is on exploring your own style. Develop and expand your skills with instruction and demonstrations in composition, color, and design. Learn to work with nontraditional art materials, create layer and depth, explore texture mediums, and push your artistic boundaries. Bring a photo for inspiration or a project to work on. All levels welcome. 

Tuesdays at the Corbin Art Center

#5183 Oct. 31 - Dec. 5 9am -12pm $55

To Register Call: 509-279-6030