About Me

My name is Katie Frey. I graduated Walla Walla University with an Art and English Degree. I have been teaching art to children and adults for over ten years. My areas of focus are acrylic painting and mixed media, but I also enjoy pottery, watercolors, and pen and ink drawing. 

For adults, I teach acrylic painting, watercolors, and mixed media. Mixed media is my area of expertise and my classes focus on texture, layering, and design using mixed paper, collage, acrylic texture mediums, and found objects. These classes are available at the Corbin Art Center and through Spokane Community Collage ACT2 program. 

For children, I teach all areas of art including painting, drawing, and ceramics. I teach children's classes through the Corbin Art Center and the Shine Art Center.

Want to see my art up close and personal? Here's a list of my 2019 events in and around Spokane:

Jan- March: Rio Wellness, 1003 E. Trent. Suite 130
May: Pottery Place Plus (Liberty Bldg. Downtown)
June - July:  Rockwood Retirement, South Hill
July: Avenue West Gallery, 907 W. Boone 
August & September: Core Pilates & Wellness 
                                        1230 W. Summit Pkwy
October: Indian Trail Yokes 3321 W. Indian Trail Rd.
December: Liberty Art Gallery (the Mezzanine in Auntie's Book Store) Liberty Bldg. Downtown
February 2020: La Resistance "Nudes and Landscape" Show 
1816 E. Sprague Ave
The Shop "Things and Places" 924 S. Perry  

I am also a member of Pottery Place Plus and have a permanent display there. Check out this local co-op downtown in the Liberty Bldg:



  1. I was entranced by your work on the walls at Rocket Bakery on Howard! Hoping to find myself in one of your classes soon. Though I'm 64, I'm not too old to learn...just hesitant.

    1. Hi Pam, you're never to old for art! I've got a lot of great classes coming up this winter through ACT2. Almost everyone is 50+ and new to mixed media, so just go for it!

  2. Hi Katie,
    I loved seeing your lesson on Monet to kids. What paint brush did you give them to make their sunsets?

    1. Hi Genine, didn't see this message, so sorry. They just used a medium sized bristol brush about a 1/2 inch wide. Nothing fancy.