Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Art for Kids: Van Gogh Sunflowers

This project followed a close examination of Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings during my Let's Go, Van Gogh art camp at the Corbin Art Center.

Supplies: tagboard, pencils & erasers, sharpies, pastels, and tempera paint.

1. We talked about how different types of sunflowers have different types of petals and did a few practice drawings of sunflower petals in our art journals.

2. Students used pencils to draw their sunflowers. I have done this project both step-by-step with me drawing the sunflowers with them, and also with an actual bouquet of sunflowers on the table (so that each looks different according to their perspective). It works both ways.
3. I checked each individual drawing before allowing them to move onto sharpies. Students sharpied over their pencil lines and erased where necessary.  

4. Once no pencil lines were visible, students were allowed to move onto pastels. This part was very open ended; each student could use the pastels in the way they saw fit. We have used pastels under tempera in the past, so they already knew the effect. Some outlined, others added lines and designs, and some colored in small spaces.  

5. The last thing we did was paint. We used tempera paints and painted right over the top of our pastels. Students had damp rags on hand to wipe off excess paint where the pastels did not show through.