Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Art For Kids: Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Crows

 "Wheat Field With Crows" is one of Van Gogh's last paintings and a great project to finish up a Van Gogh  unit with.

Follow this link to view and download the original tutorial: 

My version is slightly altered:

1. We drew the horizon line, the sun, and the s-curve path through the wheat.
2. I had the students get out their gold, yellow, orange, red, and brown pastels to draw in the wheat (they had to use all of the colors, and at least two browns on the path).
3. We used yellow, orange, and red on our suns. Spiraling the colors.
4. For the sky we used two shades of blue as well as black or grey (to make it look stormy). It works great if you blend all the colors in the sky with the side of a white pastel.
5. Lastly we added the crows.

Ta-da! Probably one of the most successful pastel projects I've done with a multi-age group (6-11 year olds).