Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Painting Spokane

I think this year might be one of the most beautiful Octobers I have ever experienced in Spokane, and I just wanted to share a few of my Spokane paintings. Some of these were done from photographs, and some are plein air from this summer. 

My acrylics class out in the valley all painted the Spokane Clock Tower together. This one is mine. Acrylic on canvas. I took out the ugly overpass behind the walking bridge. 

This is the Manito duck pond from the northwest corner, done mid July. I used a palette knife and acrylic paints. Also, I took out all the pine trees behind the willows. 
It's very difficult to paint that pea-green water. Kind of looks like grass.

 This is the marsh at the Slavin Conservation area heading out from Spokane towards Pullman. A great place to hike and ride horses if you've never been there!

And the Clocktower again, this time with a palette knife.

This is the waterfall behind the Discovery Center, Mirabeau Point Park in the Spokane Valley. Watercolors.

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